The profile and the products

  • Flexibility with high security of data and measurement
  • Optimal user interface with graphical status signals
  • Wide choice of sensors and armatures
  • pH, ORP, conductivity (conductive), conductivity (inductive), dissolved oxygen
  • Two-wire controller: supply of power and data with FISCO-bus powered
  • Certified according to ATEX II 2(1)G EEx ia IIC T4, C1D2 or C1D1 and CSA
  • We are registered at the PROFIBUS®-user organisation.

The advantages

The bidirectional communication with PROFIBUS® PA (Process Automation)offers the following advantages. 

  • Intrinsically Safe Controller
  • Simple and cost effective wiring
  • Number of instruments per segment is related to power consumption (Ex-Zone (EEx ia) max 10)
  • Flexible Topology: Tree, Star or Line
  • FISCO model (Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept)
  • Communication complies with IEC 61158-2 with 31.25 Kbit/s, MBP (Manchaster Coding Bus Powered)
  • PROFIBUS® PA and FOUNDATION FIELDBUS® utilize the same Physical Layer
  • Implementation into PLC Systems via segment couplers via PROFIBUS® DP
  • Block structure, see picture below
  • Acyclic data for Alarms, remote operation, configuration and diagnosis
  • Instruments can be hot plugged (connected and disconnected in operation without interference)

Certificates following the PROFIBUS® standard:

Z01329 SC 100 Dual Channel Controller
Z01330 SC 1000 Multi Channel Controller
Z01332 SI 792X D-PA Universal Oxygen Transmitter
Z01333 SI 792X P-PA Universal pH & ORP Transmitter
Z01331 SI 792x D-PA Sauerstoff