Orbisphere A1100 Oxygen Sensors

Orbisphere A1100 Oxygen Sensors
The Orbisphere A1100 oxygen (O2) sensor is the latest development of the well-known and proven Orbisphere Electro-Chemical (EC) sensors. This sensor is designed for process monitoring as well as for laboratory analysis in the liquid or gas phases across a wide range of applications: From beer or soft-drink production to rinsing of semiconductor wafers in chip-manufacturing plants, reactor coolant systems in nuclear power plants, or any place where oxygen measurement is critical.

The A1100 features unrivalled accuracy and response time for fast detection of process change. The unique design of the Orbisphere sensor allows for extended periods between recharges.

- Ideal for Harsh Environments
- Simple Installation and Operation
- Low Maintenance
- Easy Calibration
- Uncomplicated Data Management

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