Hach BioTector B3500s Online TOC analyser, 0 - 25 mg/L C, 1 stream, grab sample, 230 V AC

Product #: B5BCAA152AACS
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Effluent TOC monitoring made easy

Semi-annual reagent replacement and seamless integration with the Hach sample homogenisation unit make the B3500s the easiest solution for regulatory TOC monitoring in municipal wastewater.
The BioTector B3500s offers a simple off-the-shelf continuous TOC monitoring solution for municipal wastewater effluent applications. The B3500s seamlessly integrates with the Hach Sigmatax 2 sample homogenisation unit allowing compliance monitoring for TOC Norm ISO-CEN EN 1484.
BioTector B3500s uses unique Two Stage, Advanced Oxidation Technology providing maximum reliability and uptime, without sacrificing accuracy. Further, the analyser only requires basic preventative maintenance semi-annually. The extremely high uptime and low maintenance allow plants to focus on other priorities.

Many additional versions available on request.

  • Easy sample homogeniser integration
  • Extended reagent and maintenance intervals
  • Worry-free TOC
  • Reagent costs that don't kill the bottom line