Sension+ PH31 Advanced pH benchtop kit GLP with high performance electrode 5015T for chemical and pharma applications

Product #: LPV2115T.98.002
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Laboratory GLP meter pH31 with dual junction pH and temperature electrode 5015T for chemical and pharma applications. The 5015T electrode has 3 ceramic diaphragms, an encapsulated reference with silver ion barrier and built-in, fast responding Pt1000 for Automatic Temperature Compensation. This pH electrode is perfect for sample investigation, samples containing proteins and for samples containing sulphurs, reducing sugars or other substances which react with silver ions.
Very fast stabilisation in rapid changes of sample temperature due to unique ConATC design.
Sension+ all in one system with guided menu navigation makes general electrochemistry testing fast and simple. Each system is designed to be used in a wide variety of applications.
Includes magnetic stirrer, sensor holder, solutions (pH 4, pH 7, pH 9 and KCl), calibration flasks with magnetic stirring bar and user manual.

  • Comprehensive Lab station
  • Reproducable conditions, easy to use.
  • Low consumable demand.
  • Easy data analysis, conveniant measurement control via PC.
  • Automatic temperature compensation