SURFACE SCATTER 7 sc High Range Turbidimeter

The SURFACE SCATTER 7 sc High Range Turbidimeter offers superior performance across a measurement range of 0 to 9999 NTU. The SURFACE SCATTER 7 sc Turbidimeter (SS7) is the original non-contact turbidimeter. This design minimises sensitivity loss due to high turbidity samples; in fluids with high loads of suspended solids the design makes sample cell cleaning and replacement unnecessary. All wetted parts of the instrument are made with corrosion-resistant materials for extended life. The photo detector and light source assemblies are protected from the effects of corrosive vapors and heated samples.

For high temperature applications, the SURFACE SCATTER 7 sc HST is designed to monitor samples with temperatures of up to 70°C. Its innovative moist air removal system is useful where a difference between the sample temperature and the ambient temperature causes condensation and fogging.
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SURFACE SCATTER 7 sc High range turbidimeter None 0 – 50°C (32 – 122°F) Contact Us


SS7 sc Turbidimeter for high sample temperature None 0 – 70°C (32 – 158°F), intermittent to 80°C (176°F) Contact Us
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