Orbisphere 51x Hydrogen Controllers

The ORBISPHERE 51x controller using ORBISPHERE thermal conductivity sensors provides precise, selective and reliable measurements of H2.

This system is designed for process monitoring in liquid or gas phases across a wide range of applications from beverage production to rinsing semiconductor wafers in chip-manufacturing plants.

The user interface is a large colour touch screen with intuitive software allowing easy configuration of the instrument set-up for process parameters and alarms. The main measurement window continuously displays real time process readings, graphed sensor trends, alarm limits, temperature and event occurrence.

• Up to 3 sensors input for a reduced cost of installation and ownership
• High level of accuracy and rapid response time means reliable and effective process monitoring
• Thermal cut-off sensor protection for CIP/abnormal high temperature conditions
• Adjustable alarms and outputs providing assurance that any out of specification events are recorded
• Simple transfer of product and global configuration settings between instruments using USB-client or USB-host
• Product change can be driven by Profibus DP from a centralized automation system
• External pressure sensor option enables gas concentration measurement under variable pressure conditions
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