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Hach offers acrylic, Certified Class A glass, automatic glass, and automatic self-zeroing burets for your precise titration needs. Acrylic burets are excellent for general lab or field use in schools, industrial, municipal or food applications. Unaffected by most dilute acids and bases. Not designed for exposure to alcohol or organic solvents.
Glass burets are ideal for general purpose or strong titrants. Class A burets are calibrated to ASTM E694 standard, are NIST traceable and have superior tolerance. Avoid spills from manual filling or funneling reagents with a Self-Zeroing buret, meets ASTM E287 requirements.

Also available are buret accessories including stoppers, flasks, clamps, holders, stopcock grease and stands. The Self-Zeroing Buret Filler Kit converts any 25 mL or 50 mL buret into an auto-filling workstation.
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