Digital Thermostats

DRB200 reactor for the digestion of COD and nutrients
Many of your water samples require a digestion before parameters can be determined. If you have a heating reactor that is too complicated, or performs poorly, you are wasting time to get your important analysis result. The Hach thermostats are pre-programmed for many test parameters, have a unique one-key operation and heat up quickly from ambient temperature to 150 °C in less than 10 minutes. The Hach thermostats are fully insulated, equipped with protective lids and accommodate most Hach cuvette tests.
Depending on the number of procedures you typically run in parallel, you can choose the LT200 with a single block or a double block thermostat, with independent controls for temperature and duration. For even faster digestions and more time savings the Hach high speed thermostat HT200S with active cooling system is the best choice.