9185 sc Amperometric Ozone Sensor

The 9185 sc Ozone sensor is an online, single-channel industrial sensor that measures Ozone in drinking water treatment plants, distribution networks, and other applications that require monitoring of ozone at the ppb and ppm levels. This instrument uses an amperometric method to measure Ozone concentration. A membrane allows the selective diffusion of O3 molecules to the amperometric sensor. Because the amperometric cell is separated from the sample by the membrane and is immersed into an electrolytic medium, the 9185 sc Ozone sensor is suitable for use in water with low conductivity.

The all-inclusive 9185 sc Ozone system comes pre-assembled on a panel. Just mount the panel in the desired location, insert the sensors, and connect the controller to get started. The membrane system of the sensor means there are no reagents used for measurement. Maintenance is minimal and two years of typical maintenance items are included with the system.
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