Floc Testers/Jar Testers

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Jar Testers allow you to replicate actual plant conditions and operations. All stirrers run in both standard and programmable modes. Memory banks can each be set for paddle speeds from 1 to 300 RPM in one-RPM increments, with run times from 1 second to 59 minutes, 59 seconds in one-second increments. The stirrer can run sequentially through all memory banks, independently in any one memory mode, or manually at a selected speed. To allow work elsewhere in the lab, audio signals can be programmed in each memory bank. Programmed information is retained even with power-off, permitting day-to-day test reproducibility.
Features include: digital readout, stainless steel paddles placed 6 inches apart, regulated variable speeds of all paddles simultaneously, from 1-300 rpm, powder-coated steel uniframe chassis, built-in L.E.D. illuminator, anti-glare curtain, and dust cover. Choose from a 4-paddle or 6-paddle model. Order with or without beakers. Each unit holds either round 1000 mL mixing beakers or square 2 L Wagner Floc Jars.
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