Phosphax sc LR - a New Addition to the Phosphax sc Platform

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Stricter phosphorous discharge limits are the new reality – challenging water treatment professionals to remain compliant and avoid operating cost increases due to over-dosing.


The Phosphax sc LR is the technology you need to measure phosphorous concentrations with high accuracy at a low range. As the newest member of the tried-and-tested family of Hach ® phosphorous analysers, the Phosphax sc LR measures orthophosphate concentrations as low as 0.015-2 mg/L with high accuracy and stability

Featuring a new photometric unit with glass cuvette and longer path length, as well as new split-reagent dosing technology, you’ll be confident in your measurement values, and be able to optimise operations to ensure compliance and reduce plant operating costs at the same time.

Phosphax sc Family Capabilities

   Phosphax sc LR
  (PO 4-P)
  0.015-2.0 mg/L
   Method   Vandat Molybdat
  (Yellow 2.0)
   Response Time   10 minutes
   Channels   1 channel
   Accuracy   2% ± 0.015 mg/L
   Phosphax sc MR
  0.05-15 mg/L
  Standard Vandat
  Less than 5 minutes
  2 channel
  2% ± 0.05 mg/L
   Phosphax sc HR
  1-50 mg/L
  Standard Vandat
  Less than 5 minutes
  2 channel
  2% ± 0.05 mg/L

Customer Perspective

“Being able to measure at levels lower than other units in the industry was very useful to plant processes. The real-time data and ease of operation makes the Hach Low Range Phosphax sc a great addition to our plant.”

-Greg Markle

Process Control Supervisor, City of Waukesha Clean Water Plant

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