Certified Buffer Standard Solution, IUPAC, pH 7.413, 500 mL

Certified Buffer Standard Solution, IUPAC, pH 7.413, 500 mL
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Accredited Calibration Laboratory

Hach Calibration Laboratory located in Berlin (Germany) is accredited for the calibration of certified pH and Conductivity standards by a German national accreditation authority. This accreditation is recognised internationally.

Fully Traceable standards

IUPAC Series certified pH buffer standards are fully traceable to the Standard Hydrogen Electrode (SHE) through Certified Reference Material. All standards are formulated in compliance with NIST, IUPAC and DIN19266 specifications.

Totally reliable packaging

Each standard is delivered in an airtight package ensuring safe storage. The nominal value of the pH standard is guaranteed until first opening. Certified value is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of issue of the certificate.

GLP Right from the start and every day

The date of opening can be marked, as well as the number of uses directly on the bottle in line with Good Laboratory Practice. The observed typical shelf life after opening is printed on the bottle, ensuring timely use.

Proven Traceability

Each standard has its own Certificate of Conformity and Traceability available for download from Hach web site. The use of standards pH Buffers manufactured by an accredited laboratory gives you complete confidence in the traceability chain and calculated uncertainties.


Color coded?: No
Description: pH Buffer Calibration reagent
NIST traceable: Yes
Package Type: Bottle
pH value(s): 7.413 ±0.010 pH at 25°C
Quantity: 500 mL
Region: EU
Shelf life: 24 months
Special remarks: Observed shelf-life after opening, following recommended storage and use: 3 months
Storage conditions: 10 - 25 °C (protect from light)