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New measuring range for Anionic Surfactants

New measuring range for Anionic Surfactants

January 24, 2012

With our LCK332 even the smallest surfactant concentrations can be measured.

We have further improved the LCK332 cuvette test for anionic surfactants. With the revised test you can detect surfactants in concentrations as low as 0.05 mg/l.

Now even more simple
Due to the omission of the blank, you can now carry out 25 tests instead of 24 with one box of LCK332.

The LS120 Shaker for consistency in measurements
The LS120 can be used with cuvette tests LCK332, LCK333 and LCK 443 plus the sulphate cuvette tests LCK153 and LCK353.


The LS120 surfactant shaker ensures:

    Simplified handling: The shaking step is automated
    Highest reproducibility: Consistent shaking conditions
    Significant time saving: You can carry out 8 tests at the same time.

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