Start-up and commissioning

From the very first day: our qualified staff will ensure your instrument is ready for use.

We provide you with advice and support right from the very beginning!
We can help you during the instrument set-up stage to save you time and money. You can then get started with your first measurements immediately.

From the very first day: our qualified staff will ensure your instrument is ready for use

Your benefits:
Optimal on-site performance
  • Total functionality from day one
  • Setting and parameterisation to your wishes
  • Set-up and check of in- and output signals
  •  Calibration certificate if required

Instruction and training
  • Introduction into the operating menu
  • Instruction and training of operating personnel on daily maintenance tasks
  • Safety information (risks and uses) around the measuring system
  • Instructions for the first aid in case of break down


Standard factory warranty, starting after commissioning instead of delivery date

* Commissioning and instruction does not include: Mounting, plumbing, and electrical supply

Other highlights:
  • Hotline support for all technical questions and support
  • Commissioning protocol for your quality management
  • Instruction of maintenance tasks like, cleaning and change of reagents and wear parts
  • The technician’s labour costs for the Commissioning and Instruction are included*
  • This service is provided by a factory certified service engineer. As an experienced professional, they can provide assistance concerning all technical questions
  • Optional IQOQ/PQ certification if required (ask our service team for more information) *Additional cost
  • Possibility for warranty extension to 60 months with a Service Package 2.2 contract (ask our service team for more information)

* Travel costs, consumables and wear parts will be invoiced separately

Professional commissioning and instruction by HACH LANGE experts and specialists take care of the complete system running-in phase. more...

IQ/OQ: Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification

Do you use your equipment in regulated areas and need equipment qualification (IQ/OQ) within the scope of your standard operating procedures.

We can performed and deliver certificates according to international standards, e.g. FDA (Food and Drug Administration), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
Competance in digital BUS communication: Digital communication capabilities and field bus systems for water and waste water analytics.more...