Conductivity Standard Solution, 147 µS/cm, KCl, 250 mL

Conductivity Standard Solution, 147 µS/cm, KCl, 250 mL
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Wide selection of concentrations
and package sizes

Hach conductivity standards are offered in a large number of sizing to match each user environments and standard operating practices.

Traceable to NIST standard reference materials

Whether in the laboratory or in the field, always perform measurement results you can trust is essential. The quality of the standard solutions that are used are key.

Design for use with Hach meters portfolio

The basis for accurate conductivity measurements is good care and calibration of the conductivity cell.

Reliable packaging

Supplied in an airtight packaging ensuring guaranteed shelf-life.


Concentration: 0.001M KCl
  147 µS/cm at 25°C ±5 µS/cm at 25°C
Description: Conductivity calibration solution
Formula: KCl
NIST traceable: Yes
Package Type: Bottle
Parameter: Conductivity
Platform: Solution
Quantity: 250 mL
Shelf life: 24 months
Special remarks: Observed shelf life after opening, following recommended storage and use: 3 months
Storage conditions: 10 - 25 °C (protect from light)