DR 6000 UV-VIS spectrophotometer with RFID technology

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Combining quality and efficiency in the professional laboratory

The UV-VIS spectrophotometer delivers top performance for both routine laboratory tasks and demanding photometry applications.
The new UV-VIS spectrophotometer is engineered and manufactured in Germany to deliver in fourth generation exceptional analytical accuracy. The Czerny-Turner monochromator design reduces aberrations and guarantees a minimal spectral bandwidth. The output coupler mirror optimally aligns the measurement beam.
Four sequential band-pass filters reduce internal scattered light. The reference beam technology compensates for signal fluctuations in the instrument. Two low-noise silicon detectors ensure high selectivity and basic stability of the measurement signal.
The UV-VIS spectrophotometer unites reliable results with efficiency. The intuitive menu navigation with colour touch screen allows you to enter and calibrate your own methods in just a few simple steps. The instrument provides a wide range of pre-programmed methods. Application packages, e.g. for enzymology and colorimetry, open up further application opportunities including drinking water and brewery analysis.

  • Improved laboratory efficiency - more than 240 pre-programmed methods directly available
  • Comparable and reliable results - with the approved LCK cuvette tests
  • Transparent working processes in every situation - with access to all raw data
  • Integrated Quality Assurance - with function for scheduling, evaluation, documentation
  • Optimised data management, LIMS compatible