Hach pHD sc Online Process pH Sensor - pH Sensor for Clean Water

Product #: DPD1R1
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The smart choice for accurate and reliable online process pH measurement

Differential pH sensor can be used as a flow-through or built-in immersion probe. Integrated digital electronics and patented measurement technology using 3 electrodes.
By the field-proven technique, process and reference electrodes measure the pH differentially with respect to a third ground electrode for excellent measurement accuracy and reduced junction potential.
Due to the closed design, the reference system of this pH electrode does not come into contact with the fluid. The much less soil-sensitive salt bridge reduces the necessary cleaning in comparison with systems fitted with membranes.
The dilution of the electrolyte is prevented and the sensor gets long service life. The sensor runs with digital controllers.

  • Exceptional Process pH Sensor Performance with the Differential Electrode pHD Measurement Technique
  • Lower Maintenance Needs with the Double Junction Salt Bridge
  • Extended Working Life with the Replaceable Salt Bridge/Protector
  • Reliability with Built-in Encapsulated Preamp
  • Patented Technology