LCK Cuvette Test System


COD cuvette test - ISO 15705, 0-150 mg/L O2

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Ammonium cuvette test 0.015-2.0 mg/L NH4-N

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Iron trace cuvette test 0.01-1.0 mg/L Fe

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LCI400 COD cuvette test - ISO 15705, 0-1000 mg/L O2 Contact Us LCK305 Ammonium cuvette test 1.0-12.0 mg/L NH4-N Contact Us LCK320 Iron (II / III) cuvette test 0.2-6.0 mg/L Fe Contact Us 
LCK1414 COD cuvette test 5-60 mg/L O2 Contact Us LCK303 Ammonium cuvette test 2.0-47.0 mg/L NH4-N Contact Us LCK321 Iron cuvette test 0.2-6.0 mg/L Fe Contact Us
LCK314 COD cuvette test 15-150 mg/L O2 Contact Us LCK302 Ammonium cuvette test 47-130 mg/L NH4-N Contact Us LCK306 Lead cuvette test 0.1-2.0 mg/L Pb Contact Us
LCK614 COD cuvette test 50-300 mg/L O2 Contact Us LCK339 Nitrate cuvette test 0.23-13.5 mg/L NO3-N Contact Us LCK326 Magnesium cuvette test 0.5-50 mg/L Mg Contact Us
LCK714 COD cuvette test 100-600 mg/L O2 Contact Us LCK340 Nitrate cuvette test 5-35 mg/L NO3-N Contact Us LCK330 Molybdenum cuvette test 3-300 mg/L Mo Contact Us
LCK514 COD cuvette test 100-2000 mg/L O2 Contact Us LCK541 Nitrite trace cuvette test 0.0015-0.03 mg/L NO2-N Contact Us LCK537 Nickel trace cuvette test 0.05-1.0 mg/L Ni Contact Us
LCK1014 COD cuvette test for samples with high Chloride loads Contact Us LCK341 Nitrite cuvette test 0.015- 0.6 mg/L NO2-N Contact Us LCK337 Nickel cuvette test 0.1-6.0 mg/L Ni Contact Us
LCK114 COD cuvette test 150-1000 mg/L O2 Contact Us LCK342 Nitrite cuvette test 0.6-6.0 mg/L NO2-N Contact Us LCK237 Nickel acid baths cuvette test 5-120 g/l Ni Contact Us
LCK014 COD cuvette test 1,000-10,000 mg/L O2 Contact Us LCK138 Laton Total Nitrogen cuvette test 1-16 mg/L TNb Contact Us LCK228 Potassium cuvette test, 5-50 mg/L K Contact Us
LCK914 COD cuvette test 5-60 g/L O2 Contact Us LCK238 Laton Total Nitrogen cuvette test 5-40 mg/L TNb Contact Us LCK328 Potassium cuvette test 8-50 mg/L K Contact Us
LCK385 TOC cuvette test (purging method) 3-30 mg/L C Contact Us LCK338 Laton Total Nitrogen cuvette test 20-100 mg/L TNb Contact Us LCK354 Silver cuvette test 0.04-0.8 mg/L Ag Contact Us
LCK386 TOC cuvette test (purging method) 30-300 mg/L C Contact Us LCS349 Phosphate (ortho/tot) trace cuvette test 0.01-0.5 mg/L PO4-P Contact Us LCK355 Silver cuvette test 5-2500 mg/L Ag Contact Us
LCK387 TOC cuvette test (purging method) 300-3000 mg/L C Contact Us LCK349 Phosphate (Ortho/Total) cuvette test 0.05-1.5 mg/L PO4-P Contact Us LCK359 Tin cuvette test 0.1-2 mg/L Sn Contact Us
LCK381 TOC cuvette test (difference method) 60-735 mg/L C Contact Us LCK348 Phosphate Ortho/Total cuvette test 0.5-5.0 mg/L PO4-P Contact Us LCS360 Zinc trace cuvette test, 0.02-0.8 mg/L Zn Contact Us
LCK380 TOC cuvette test (difference method) 2-65 mg/L C Contact Us LCK350 Phosphate (ortho/total) cuvette test 2.0 -20.0 mg/L PO4-P Contact Us LCK360 Zinc cuvette test 0.2-6.0 mg/L Zn Contact Us
LCK554 BOD5 cuvette test 0.5-12.0 mg/L O2 Contact Us LCK049 Orthophosphate cuvette test 1.6-30 mg/L PO4-P Contact Us LCK364 Zirconium cuvette test, 6-60 mg/L Zr Contact Us
LCK555 BOD5 cuvette test 4 -1650 mg/L O2 Contact Us LCK301 Aluminum cuvette test 0.02-0.5 mg/L Al Contact Us LCK388 Carbonate/carbon dioxide cuvette test 55-550 mg/L CO2 Contact Us
LCK391.00 AOX cuvette test 0.005-0.5 mg/L Contact Us LCK307 Boron cuvette test 0.05-2.5 mg/L B Contact Us LCK311 Chloride cuvette test 1-70 mg/L / 70-1000 mg/L Cl Contact Us
LCK390.00 AOX cuvette test 0.05-3.0 mg/L Contact Us LCK308 Cadmium cuvette test 0.02-0.3 mg/L Cd Contact Us LCK315 Cyanide cuvette test 0.01-0.6 mg/L CN- Contact Us
LCS313 Chromium (III and VI) trace cuvette test 0.005-0.25 mg/L Cr Contact Us LCK345 Phenols cuvette test 0.05-5.0 mg/L Contact Us LCK319 Cyanide (easily liberatable) cuvette test 0.03-0.35 mg/L CN- Contact Us
LCK313 Chromium (III and VI) cuvette test 0.03-1.0 mg/L Cr Contact Us    LCK346 Phenols cuvette test 5 - 150 mg/L Contact Us   LCK323 Fluoride cuvette test 0.1-2.5 mg/L F Contact Us
LCK213 Chromic acid baths cuvette test 0.5-450 g/l CrO3 Contact Us LCK318 Sludge activity (TTC) cuvette test Contact Us LCK153 Sulphate cuvette test 40-150 mg/L SO4 Contact Us
LCK529 Copper trace cuvette test 0.01-1.0 mg/L Cu Contact Us LCK357 Starch cuvette test 2-150 mg/L Contact Us LCK353 Sulphate cuvette test 150-900 mg/L SO4 Contact Us
LCK329 Copper cuvette test 0.1-8.0 mg/L Cu Contact Us LCK427 Residual Hardness cuvette test 0.02-0.6 °dH Contact Us LCK653 Sulphide cuvette test 0.1-2.0 mg/L S2- Contact Us
LCK229 Acidic copper plating baths cuvette test 2-100 g/l Cu Contact Us LCK327 Water Hardness cuvette test 1-20° dH Contact Us LCK654 Sulphite cuvette test 0.1-5.0 mg/L SO3 Contact Us
LCK334 Tin cuvette test 0.1-2 mg/L Sn Contact Us LCK325 Formaldehyde cuvette test 0.5-10.0 mg/L H2CO Contact Us LCK241 Bitter units (MEBAK) cuvette test ≥ 2 BE Contact Us
LCK433 Nonionic Surfactants cuvette test 6-200 mg/L Contact Us LCK425 Formaldehyde cuvette test - ISO 12460, 0.5-10 mg/L H2CO Contact Us LCK240 Photometric Iodine (MEBAK) sample cuvette test Contact Us
LCK300 Alcohol cuvette test 0.01-0.12 g/L Contact Us LCK332 Anionic Surfactants, cuvette test 0.05-2.0 mg/L Contact Us LCK242 Vicinal diketones cuvette test 0.015-0.5 mg/kg Diacetyl Contact Us
LCK362 Acid capacity - KS4.3, cuvette test, 0.5-8.0 mmol/L Contact Us LCK432 Anionic Surfactants, cuvette test 0.1 - 4.0 mg/L Contact Us LCK410 Free Chlorine cuvette test, 0.05-2.0 mg/L Cl2   Contact Us
LYW185 Menthol in distillate cuvette test 0.5-15 mg Menthol/100 mL Contact Us LCK331 Cationic surfactants cuvette test 0.2-2.0 mg/L Contact Us LCK310 Chlorine/Ozone/Chlorine dioxide cuvette test Contact Us
LCK365 Organic Acids cuvette test 50-2500 mg/L Contact Us LCK333 Nonionic Surfactants cuvette test 0.2-6.0 mg/L Contact Us LCS325 Formaldehyde trace cuvette test 0.01-1.0 mg/L H2CO Contact Us
LCS425 Formaldehyde trace cuvette test, ISO12460, 0.05 - 3.0 mg/L H2CO  Contact Us


Iron trace, reagent set, 0.005-2.0mg/L Fe 

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Hydrazine reagent set 0.01-2.0 mg/L N2H4

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Silica acid reagent set 0.01-0.8 mg/L SiO2

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LCW032 Manganese reagent set 0.2-5 mg/L / 0.02-1.0 mg/L Mn Contact Us LCW053 Sulphide reagent set 0.1-2.0 mg/L S2- Contact Us LCW054 Sulphite reagent set 0.1-5.0 mg/L SO3 Contact Us
LCW058 Hydrogen peroxide pipette test 1-10 g/L H2O2 Contact Us LCW250 Reducing agent for boiler water reagent set Contact Us LCW510 Reagent set Chlorine/Ozone 0.03-0.4/0.05-1.5 mg/L Cl2 Contact Us
LCW532 Manganese reagent set 0.005-0.5 mg/L Mn Contact Us