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New Cuvette Test: COD in saltwater (seawater)

New Cuvette Test: COD in saltwater (seawater)

February 19, 2019

LCK1814 - COD cuvette test for saltwater, 7 - 70 mg/L O2

It is extremely difficult to analyse low COD concentrations in samples with very high background chloride load.

Hach now offers a safe, reliable and very easy to use method for the photometric detection of low range COD in saltwater samples.

- Precise and reliable measurement values
- Easy - can be performed in-house with the existing photometric system
- Safety at work - no direct contact with toxic reagents, no additional mixing of reagents, no titration, no glassware cleaning…
- Environmentally friendly: including disposal of reagents at the certified Hach environmental centre

Learn more about LCK1814.

Visit to learn more about the Hach cuvette test system.

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