POLYMETRON 9582 Dissolved Oxygen Analyser

Product #: 9582.99.XXPX
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Simple to Integrate. Simple to Operate.

Dissolved Oxygen Analyser for ppb-level measurements in ultrapure water, boiler water and condensate.
An integral part of a complete water analytics system designed for the Power industry. A broad range of product options made to work together as flexible solutions meet your unique needs. The comprehensive approach saves you time on design, installation, training, maintenance, and operation.

  • Save time on design with one product platform and a single source of product support.
  • Reduce training complexity with a common platform that covers all critical parameters.
  • Start-up and maintenance time are minimised with pre-mounted membrane cap and factory pre-conditioned sensors.
  • Simplify maintenance with common menu guides and step-by-step procedures.
  • Optimise operation with alerts that notify operators when troubleshooting is required.