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New Probes For Ammonia & Nitrate

March 13, 2013

Robust and reliable measurement values for ammonium and nitrate

Using the new AISE sc or NISE sc sensors, ammonium (AISE) and nitrate (NISE) concentrations can be accurately determined, with automatic compensation for potassium (AISE) and chloride (NISE) interference. Extremely straightforward handling is guaranteed as all components are combined in a wear part – the cartridge. Thanks to RFID* technology, the factory calibration is now imported automatically as soon as the cartridge is replaced.

The sensors are fully compatible with all digital HACH LANGE sc controllers. The implemented LINK2sc technology allows for an easy and reliable execution of the regular matrix check or correction required for all ISE sensors. Measurement values from the sensors can be compared to lab measurement values online and corrected if necessary using a lab photometer (DR 3900 or DR 6000).

The new ISE sensors combine several key benefits in one; reliable ammonium or nitrate checks combined with intuitive handling. They also provide energy savings and ensure cost effective processes.

*RFID technology is available in all EU member states, as well as in Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and other countries.

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