RTC-DN Module - Software

Product #: LXZ521
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Denitrification. Under Control.

The RTC-DN System optimises the internal recirculation flow of the nitrate-containing water from effluent nitrification to the denitrification zone. Thereby the total nitrogen removal is improved and the risk of denitrification processes disturbing the sedimentation process in the final clarification tanks is reduced. Furthermore the energy consumption for aeration is minimised and there is also a regain of acid capacity, which is essential for buffering the acid formed during the nitrification process. As an option the DN-RTC can be extended to optimise external dosing of carbon sources. Based on the nitrate concentration in the effluent of an anoxic zone, carbon dosing is adjusted to an actual lack of BOD in the inflow.

  • Improved compliance based on stable total nitrogen effluent values
  • Utilise the full denitrification potential of your plant and reduce the energy consumption in the nitrification zone
  • Gain additional acid capacity
  • Avoid denitrification in final sedimentation
  • Minimise cost for external C-dosing