TITRALAB AT1000 Series Potentiometric Titrator, 1 Burette

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Simply add your sample, press the button and read your titration results

The AT1102 model is an accurate, reliable and easy to use instrument for performing titrations in the laboratory. This titrator was designed in Germany as part of the Hach Titralab AT1000 family of automatic titrators and includes one burette and two measurement inputs. The titrator is delivered preassembled for easy installation and does not require complex programming like other titration systems on the market. This system offers superb dependability so you don’t suffer from downtime and it is easy to use for all skill levels, reducing operator training and process time. In fact, with an autotitrator the operator will be able to begin preparing the next sample while the instrument is performing the current measurement, thus improving lab throughput. More importantly however, the automatic titrator eliminates manual processes and operator interpretation, significantly improving accuracy and reliability so you can trust your measurements from day to day. If you perform any of the titrations listed in the Application Packs section below this is the instrument for you.

  • Reliable titration results
  • Simple setup and titration